Who We Are

March 22, 2023

Home is far more than just four walls and a roof. It’s where we feel at ease, where we can be ourselves. It's where we raise our families, make memories, and become part of a community.

Oakmont Development's primary focus as a neighborhood developer is on creating safe and inviting communities in locations where people want to live. We are responsible for the planning and development of each of our neighborhoods, and we understand what it takes to make an unrealized location into a perfect place for homes. We develop land in prime areas and design and plan the infrastructure and amenities of each of our communities. Our job doesn't stop there; we then oversee the construction of homes and other buildings within the neighborhood.

Oakmont Development Cascata Estates

We take our responsibility to create cohesive and attractive communities designed to meet our residents' needs very seriously. Oakmont Development carefully plans each detail, considering factors such as transportation, public spaces, recreational facilities, and other amenities that will make the neighborhood appealing.

In contrast to neighborhood developers, home builders are the professionals responsible for constructing individual homes within our neighborhoods. They work closely with Oakmont Development to ensure that the homes they build meet our design and construction standards. Home builders typically specialize in constructing single-family homes or townhouses and usually provide customization options for their clients.

We make communities where people want to live, where they can see their children growing up and spending their days. Oakmont Development is a family business, and we are also members of the communities we build in. We want to ensure you feel at home in any community we build.

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