Our Communities

Our communities are much more than just locations. They’re shaped and molded into unique places we know you’ll be confident investing in, places your family will not only be safe, but comfortable. Where you live is too big of a decision for you to simply settle. Our communities offer a variety of visions and styles so you can find a place that is ideal for you. Oakmont specializes in making communities where family comfort, life and convenience come first. Your way of life is too important for us to do any less.

To find communities with available lots please browse and read about our open communities below or select a community from the list above to jump right to the community map.

Our Legacy

Our past developments say a lot about our legacy and we are proud of each of our safe and attractive completed communities.

View our Completed Communities.

Completed Communities


Rock Creek Villas

Quail Hollow

Waterside Woods

Sycamore Hills

The Grey Goose

Twin Eagles



Eagle Creek

Eagle Lake

Deer Track Estates

Covington Hollow Extended


Canyon Cliffs

Grey Oaks Villas

Oak Pointe

Old Auburn Villas


Heron Preserve

Lakes Of Sycamore

Perry Lakes Estates