Water-View Lots For Sale

March 22, 2024


Almost every Oakmont Development community has been created to have lots with water views. People have always been drawn to water, and the allure of living in a space that looks out over water can be compelling.

Water-view Lots For Sale

Aesthetic Appeal

Water is a powerful element with innate beauty in a landscape, elevating any view. The presence of a body of water, no matter its size, introduces a dynamic element that reflects the sky, dances with light, and changes with the seasons. Water views offer an evolving landscape that both calms and captivates.

Emotional Appeal

Water has a powerful calming effect on the human psyche and is known to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. Living near water and the serene and relaxed atmosphere it creates can transform a home into a refuge from the pressure and noise of modern life.

Enhanced Privacy

Our lots with pond views have the added benefit of increased privacy. The orientation toward the water means fewer back-to-back homes, creating a natural buffer from neighbors and an unobstructed view out of the back of your home. Additionally, water-view homes are more sought after, adding property value through their exclusivity.

The appeal of Oakmont Development’s beautiful neighborhoods with pond views is multifaceted - we blend the charm of nature with the tangible benefits of peace and privacy. If you’re looking for a lot with water-views, check out our many communities with available lots to find the perfect location for your new home.

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