Premier Residental Real Estate Developer

November 15, 2021


As Fort Wayne's premier residential real estate developer, Oakmont Development works in one of the most challenging yet rewarding areas of real estate. We purchase large undeveloped tracts of land and turn them into thriving, attractive residential communities in the growing regions of Northeast Indiana.

As a residential real estate developer, we must recognize the potential of a particular property and have the vision to transform it into the attractive and desirable investment you need. Fort Wayne real estate development is in high demand. Its developers must have a broad knowledge of the Greater Fort Wayne area, understand every facet of real estate, and have strong financial management skills. Oakmont Development has served the Northeast Indiana communities by creating inviting and prosperous communities for over 40 years.

Oakmont Development shapes and molds undeveloped land into beautiful neighborhoods that you will be proud to call home. We work with many talented Northeast Indiana builders and can't wait for you to find the exact location for your home. To find Greater Fort Wayne communities with available lots, browse and read about our open communities on this page.

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