Creating Ideal Communities

January 31, 2024


At Oakmont Development, we understand that where you live matters.

The neighborhood you choose should be a community that resonates with your lifestyle and values. In Northeast Indiana, we craft neighborhoods that are not just places to live but communities where you and your family can thrive. Our approach focuses on critical elements that make a neighborhood desirable, ensuring that each community we develop meets its residents' diverse needs.

Oakmont Development Community

  • Lifestyle and Community: We design neighborhoods to match the lifestyles of our residents. A strong sense of community and pride of ownership are at the heart of our developments.
  • Safety and Security: Choosing areas with low crime rates is key. Low-crime areas provide residents with a sense of ease and contribute to the area's overall well-being.
  • Education and Recreation: Access to quality schools is a big part of the appeal of our communities as it benefits families and sustains property values. We also look at recreational amenities like parks and sports facilities to support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Family-Focus: Our neighborhoods are also designed to be affordable and family-friendly, offering opportunities for families to connect and enrich people's sense of belonging. We strive to make communities where people want to live, where they can see their children growing up and spending their days.
  • Amenities and Entertainment: We try to ensure that our neighborhoods are located near essential amenities like shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options such as theaters and nightlife to provide a dynamic and convenient living experience.

Our past developments say a lot about our legacy, and we are proud of our thriving, attractive communities. Oakmont Development has been dedicated to creating safe, convenient neighborhoods tailored to our residents' needs for over 40 years. Our commitment is to build more than a place to live; we build neighborhoods where we can raise our families, make memories, and become part of a community.

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