Community: It's Time to Come Home

December 30, 2021


Since the early days of humanity's intrepid history, people have always sought to form communities and live near one another. This instinctive desire established the root of our modern notions of togetherness, and even in 2022, its effects are plain to see in America's rural and urban landscapes. We choose to be around others while maintaining enough space for family and fun because of the inherent benefits that can only come from having neighbors near us. For this reason, Oakmont Development exists to meet that need and create welcoming, safe, and affordable new home communities in the Greater Fort Wayne Area.

Welcome Home

Our new home communities exude an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for families, couples, and people of all ages. From kids riding bikes and playing basketball to moms and dads working in the garage or out on the lawn, to family fun and parties, you'll find a respite away from the din of the main roads and in the privacy and comfort of a quiet alcove.

Safety and Security

Safety is our top priority from before we break ground on a new community development to when the last lot is marked, and the last utility is run. From street layout and driveway planning to grade development and water retention, we carefully engineer every aspect of our neighborhoods to the highest quality and safety standards.


Water, sewer, and other amenities are made convenient and affordable through the economics of scale. Could a prospective homeowner afford to have city utilities installed for his home alone? Possibly, but the cost would be astronomical compared to the same installation spread over 100 lots or more. In this way, we help each other have the best infrastructure possible by sharing the upfront expense.

Oakmont Development is your trusted new home developer in Greater Fort Wayne. Contact us for available lot information at (260) 489-2000.

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