A Family Legacy

May 31, 2024


Oakmont Development & Mike Thomas Associates

Building Homes, Building Community

The Thomas family has been shaping the housing landscape of Greater Fort Wayne since 1977. Oakmont Development and Mike Thomas Associates are more than just businesses – we lead the way – crafting desirable communities and delivering real estate excellence in Northeast Indiana. Founded by Mike Thomas, these sister companies have flourished under the leadership of his children, Jeff Thomas and Jennifer Callison.

Oakmont Development & Mike Thomas Associates

A Sibling Partnership

Jeff Thomas oversees Oakmont Development and has been pivotal in creating inviting, safe, and affordable neighborhoods that reflect the family’s commitment to quality and community since 1990. His sister, Jennifer Callison, has led Mike Thomas Associates as the Managing Broker – driving the company’s growth and pursuit of excellence. Together, their synergy is a harmonious blend of development know-how and local real estate expertise.

Mike Thomas, Jeff Thomas, & Jennifer Callison

A Shared Vision

Oakmont Development is well known for its thoughtfully planned communities that cater to diverse lifestyles, and Mike Thomas Associates expertly connects home buyers and sellers across the entire region. If you’re navigating the complexities of building a new home and need to get the most out of your existing property, Mike Thomas Associates’ Realtors are here to help. Their deep understanding of the local market and construction process makes them the ideal partner to guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Oakmont Development and Mike Thomas Associates represent a family tradition of excellence, dedication, and community spirit – working together to make Northeast Indiana a better place to live and grow.

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